About this project

TextAlive is a graphical web service that allows interactive editing of kinetic typography videos in which lyrics are animated in synchrony with the corresponding music. There are three notable features in TextAlive:

  1. TextAlive can automatically compose a playable kinetic typography video that serves as a starting point for the designer. It also provides interactive user interfaces for editing the video.
  2. TextAlive allows live programming of animation templates with its built-in development environment that provides continuous graphical feedback to the programmer.
  3. Its framework allows the programmer to easily extend its GUI so that the programmer or designer can intuitively debug or customize the parameters of animation templates.

This web service is brought to you by AIST TextAlive team. Our aim is to provide a tool that evolves with help of the user - it allows the user's extension, making content authoring more efficient for everyone.

For the detailed explanation on how to use the service, please visit here site.


AIST ITRI Media Interaction Group

TextAlive Project <textalive-ml@aist.go.jp>

AIST TextAlive team does research and development so that designers, programmers, and people with various backgrounds can enjoy content authoring and unleash their creativity.

The resulting system owes countless people who have published various content on the web a lot - accordingly, we aim to leverage the potential of web-native content authoring.

This research is partly supported by JST CREST OngaCREST project. Research papers and other research materials are available on the primary researcher Jun Kato's website.

Development history is available at this page. Announcements of updates and maintenance are also broadcasted at @TextAliveJp.

Jun Kato (AIST)Interaction design and implementation
Yuta Kawasaki (AIST)Songle integration (lyrics synchronization)
Takahiro Inoue (AIST)Songle Widget
Keisuke Ishida (AIST)"Style" design
Masataka Goto (AIST)Songle Music Understanding engine
Tomoyasu Nakano (AIST)Songle Vocal Understanding engine


TextAlive uses the following fonts.

User interface of TextAlive has been improved by the countless advice of following contributors - your contribution is always warmly welcomed.

  • Graham Percival

TextAlive is developed using TypeScript and other libraries and tools including...

TextAlive Server

  • VisualStudio + NTVS + Grunt (development environment)
  • Node.js (web server)
  • Express 4 (framework)
  • Stylus (CSS rendering engine)
  • Jade (HTML rendering engine)

TextAlive Client (HTML/CSS/JavaScript)