is a web service that lets you easily create lyrics animations from songs publicly available on the web.

Step.1 Find a song and input its lyrics URL

Step.2 See lyrics animations

Step.3 Edit and share lyrics animations


改装後のWebサイトに行くには https://textalive.jp にアクセスしてください。今後、本サイトhttp://textalive.jp はメンテナンスモードに入り、機能追加などは改装後サイトに対してのみ行われる予定です。


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Latest news

v0.6.0 '18/8/25
We have been actively updating TextAlive. For further details, please refer to the change log.
TextAlive has been publicly available after the press release on '15/9/8 which was then translated into English on '16/1/25.